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The Bridal Barn

About your Stay at the Bridal Barn

At Homestead 32 we want your day to be relaxing and at ease. What better way to make sure your day is perfect than with a place that's specially adapted to our couple's needs in mind! Our Bridal Barn is placed on the original homestead with gorgeous views of the farm's rolling hills and our grass fed cows. The views of the sunrise and the sunset over the horizon are breath taking. You truly will have to experience it for yourself. 

The Weekend Wedding Package includes a 2 night stay in the Bridal Barn. However, even those that book the Kimsey package will have the Bridal Barn for their use the day of their wedding to get prepared and ready.

The Bridal Barn includes 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and sleeps 6. It has 3 salon stations perfect for any hair or makeup needs the day of the wedding. It's perfect for the Bridal Sleepover the night before the wedding, and is designed to be used as a place to get ready the day of the wedding. With the king size bed in the master suite, it is perfect for use as a honeymoon suite the night of the wedding. 

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